Window boxes are the most comfortable options to nurture a little, lively, and colourful garden to update the exteriors. They no doubt attribute your walls with a dash of colour. Different types of flowering plants can be planted in it to gain a WOW by guests and neighbours more often. 

Landscaping and Gardening

Read On To Know The Various Requisites To Create A Charming Window Box Garden.

Installing The Window Box

There are a few elements you must take under consideration before proceeding with the planting. The length of the window should be measured first to design the box. A professional landscaper should be contacted to have a perfect outcome.  They will help you get the window boxes installed on the outside wall and plant the preferred flowers and plants in it. The boxes prepared by the landscapers will come with a proper depth and drainage facility at their bottom. They are the right ones to support projects involving landscape gardening and maintenance in Southampton.


Once the window box is installed, put a layer of compost to feed the soil, put a layer of gravel as well so that the water drains well. After everything is done, plant the flowers of your choice. The plants and flowers should be taken out of the soil carefully so that the roots don’t get hurt. Don’t put the plants in the box too closely as that might help the diseases spread rapidly. After planting, put some more compost in between to fill the gap, press them down into the soil with your fingers and water the plants.

What Can Be Grown In The Boxes?

 There are several combinations and variations of plants you can put in the window boxes to make them stand out.  Pansies, petunias, pelargoniums, tulips, hyacinths, yellow daffodils are great options to be planted. These delicate flowers will add up both a hint of colours mixed with greenery to your walls. The choice would be based on the season of planting. Make sure that you do not mix up sun-loving and shade-loving varieties together.  It should be either of them.

Expert Gardener

If you want to put up a kitchen garden version in your boxes, then you can choose to plant tomatoes, lettuce, chillies, and even strawberries in them. Alongside, you can also opt for herbs like mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, and so on.

It is always wise to take the help of a professional. There are many to help you with landscape gardening and maintenance in Southampton. There are certain specifics on which only an expert can help. Overwatering and under watering might kill the plants. The requirement of sun and shade should also be determined. Every plant demand for a specific range of care. An experienced gardener is the best person to advise on it. Paul Collier Creative Gardening is the name you can always rely on.